Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Midwinter

It's all peaches and light from here through spring, right?

Well, barring peaches and light, I wish you peace and love from CT.


Friday, December 19, 2014

All the Money I've Ever Made in My Life


lolsob at the sum of my lifetime cash earnings. Good thing I got that masters degree.

Also lolomg at government mail that says "When you die."

You don't know me, Uncle Sam. I'm gonna live forever.

Thursday, December 18, 2014



I wanted a nice haircut for the winter by which I mean not the usual buzzy job in the bathroom but what I got for my twenty bucks was:

Which wasn't any better pushed to the side, so I had to fix it up myself anyways front and back and sides all (with some help).

But it doesn't matter much under my winter armor anyway.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

An Open Letter

To My Considerate and Well-Meaning Family and Friends,

 It is common knowledge that my child really likes cars and trucks. And your attention to this fact coupled with your generous spirits makes for a richly appointed vehicles basket.


Thank you. But, ye gods, please please stop.

       Sincerity and love,

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Apple's Travel Bags

Recently Apple needed some Apple-sized luggage. In our closet was kicking around a yard and a half of fancy quilt-store fabric he'd picked out on an adventure ages ago. It, of course, featured trucks and diggers. I decided to mangle it until it looked like luggage.

I wanted the bag to be about 16x10x10 (inches) because that's about how big a pile of his clothes I pulled from his dresser was.

The fabric was directional so I had to make sure the trucks weren't upside-down when the bag was constructed. The pattern was printed a little crooked on the fabric, in my opinion anyways, so I made sure to cut out my pieces in relation to the pictures, not the fabric edges. It took me years and years to be able to cut fabric in any way other than "minimize waste, even tiny little pieces!" The end products are better for it, and I go a little less crazy. Sewing has more in common with sculpting than I realized.


I cut two 17x21 pieces and sewed them together at the bottoms to create the outer layer of the bag.


Next I cut a piece of white fabric for the liner, and a piece of batting, a bit larger than 17x21, then sewed the pieces together in one of two styles I am capable of doing:" the pillow." The other sewing technique I have under my belt is "the tube." Yup. A skilled seamstress am I. But I get by. After sewing the layers I trimmed off the excess fabric.

After inverting the pillow and handsewing it shut, I ironed it flat. I also ironed creases into the fabric where the "corners" of the bag would be.


For the sides I cut 12x12 squares of the outer fabric, slightly larger pieces of lining fabric and batting, and sewed, then trimmed.


Sewed the squares into the main piece, making sure that the direction of the fabric would have the trucks sitting upright when the bag was done.



Turned right-side-out:



The batting gives it just enough structure to please me.

All the pillow work is out of the way. On to the tubes!

Two tubes of lining fabric, cut 5x20 and tubed into 2x17 straps, for the handles. I didn't reinforce them at all. In theory the bag shouldn't be very heavy.


I sewed them two inches from the edge. I should've placed them just one inch from the edge since the bag has so little structure.


I sewed on two inches of each strap, by the way. Those creases I ironed into the body of the bag came in helpful here.


I decided on a zipper close, rather than velcro. Apple can do zippers with some concentration.



I have a pile of zippers from old things that have worn out. We're scavengers. I think this one is from an old laptop bag. I don't have a zipper foot or anything for my sewing machine but that wasn't a problem at all since I wasn't aiming for a "hidden zipper" look.


Apple immediately filled his bag with toys for his trip and declared himself ready to go. Back I went to the remaining fabric and made a smaller bag for his toys so I have could his clothes bag back. However I thought I'd be clever and sew the zipper into the original pillow. Well this made the entire process different and more difficult, and the zipper came out uneven in the end, and DON'T BE CLEVER, JACK.

uneven zipper

the extra aggravation and uneven zipper was NOT worth
 having the zipper sides tucked into the interior of the bag sides

empty toys bag

full clothing bag

pretty shot.
of the bag I mean.
 that door handle is hideous.

Monday, December 15, 2014


I really enjoy watching Apple paint. I'm so glad, and lucky, to be able to give him the materials, space, and time to do so freely.