Monday, May 11, 2015

Chickens, Again

So yet another promising piece of land fell out from under us, and I distract myself with chickens. Look, chickens!

Happy chickens. 

Apple takes a "Please just let me love you" approach to poultry.

We got another pair of laying hens, 6 months old. I missed several turns getting there and had to sit around feeling weird for almost a half hour because I wasn't supposed to get out of my car but they forgot I was coming and weren't answering their phooooone... But hey, chickens!

Meet Loop and Ply.

We weren't going to replace the two we lost, since in theory we're moving. But I have a sad sneaky feeling that we're gonna be "moving" for a long long time.

We also had the fun times yesterday of giving Comet a bath. Ever give a chicken a bath? Her fluffy butt was all caked up with poo. Delightful. She hasn't been laying much this spring, but did so within a few hours of her bath. Maybe we're on to something. One of the newbies laid an egg too. Instant eggs!

Introducing new chickens into a flock is kind of unpleasant to watch. We've kept the new ones in the coop and exiled the old hens to the yard. There was plenty of squawking last night after they mingled in the coop for bedtime, until it was too dark to see that the chicken next to you was a stranger who needed to learn her place. Luckily there's a nest box in the "portable" chicken wagon, for Comet and Beefy to use for now. Unfortunately it wasn't real well-equipped with straw yesterday and Beefy's egg broke. When you have only two hens and they're three years old, well, those organic pastured eggs are pretty dear. Losing one is a bummer. But, instant-eggs! chickens should help with that. And with the feeling of sitting around accomplishing nothing. I hope.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Out Out Out

Of the house, I mean. Like the chickens who stretch their wings immediately upon popping out of their coop, we've been outside stretching too, the past few days.

It was 80 degrees yesterday.

I think it's 80 degrees again.

And look what I found today:

Glad tidings of fungus!!

So those are going into supper tonight.

What are we up to? Same old, same old. Pining for land we can't afford. Frowning at the mushroom logs. Planting lettuce seed. Wondering what happened to all the temperatures that supposedly exist between 45 and 75. Cursing the wind. Spring stuff!

Relaxing outside stuff! In a brief period in which the wind was
calm enough to make ourselves some shade.

I love being outside but I burn in a half hour of midday sun.

Well if this ain't nice, I don't know what is.

View of chickens getting to be chickens.

Branch getting to be a spoon. Maybe. Someday. Maybe.

Herb garden

Veggie garden.

Gardener's assistant.

And the mystery tree  (apricot?) that bloomed Sunday is losing its petals already in the cloud of happy bees around it.

Watching my hens enjoy life was worth every penny we spent on the fence.
30,820 pennies of happy chicken, right here.

Did I mention the fence? I guess electric fence and little kids
can be a bad combination, but so is bobcats + chickens, so we're trying.

Our old garden gate seeing more use. 

Today the K-T Household produced 1 egg and 2 shiitake mushrooms. Tiny tiny omelet, anyone?