Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Glue Stick

Some recent time ago, the peeler broke while I was using it. This fascinated Apple. Then he trotted off and returned with his glue stick. Because when things break, you get out the glue.




He did this once before, with a small broken clay statue, and by George, that, he fixed.

The peeler, not so much.

But he tried.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fermented Foods Adventure #1


An easy place to start I suppose. Of course, Joe did it up one morning right about ten nanoseconds after I'd silently decided to halve the wheat in my diet.


Let you know how that all goes.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Letting Go, Part 11,186

Yesterday marked the first day of actively, purposefully, for-serious totally weaning Apple.

I am not ready.

Reasons I Do Not Wish To Wean My Boy
  • it guarantees certain points throughout the day to slow down and catch up with each other 
  • it is very much a part of Apple's going-to-sleep routine, and doing without will make sleeping times harder for us both
  • the amazing immunological benefits
  • the delight he clearly takes in having his milkies and talking about milkies
  • he does not show any sign of self weaning
  • I feel compelled to do it by external circumstances rather than by Apple or myself
Reasons I Wish To Wean My Boy
  • so I can take some nasty medicines to finally clear out my Lyme infection so I can have another baby

Things have finally tilted far enough into the second category that I am taking out one of the three daily nursings I can typically count on- waking up in the morning- as well as turning down all other requests to nurse. And when that's all smoothed over, we'll start on another, much harder, one- naptime, and waking up from nap, too. And then finally what I expect will be the biggest one- bedtime.  (Though naptime may be worse. At least at night we can all just lie cuddled in the dark together while he cries himself to sleep. FUN!)

And after that he'll be much more a little ship sailing on his own. Not that there aren't many tethers that remain, but our breastfeeding relationship is a big big anchor.

And I will cry. I am crying. 

Because I'm not ready.

Let's hope he is.