Saturday, June 27, 2015


My Lyme disease, which I really thought was gone, well... I went off my herbs to see.

And well... y'know.


It's the third anniversary of picking this bugger up. I missed a local dairy farm's annual open house when I first got sick. Today I've stayed home while the rest of my household goes to the farm tour, because I feel too tired and pained to go.

Jack would be bitter.

But Jack 2.0 ain't bitter.

Jack 2.0 is open to gratitude for an hour or two to herself.

Jack 2.0 is glad that Joe and Apple get some time out together alone.

Jack 2.0 is glad to have the money to buy the herbs that helped her feel good enough to think this was done in the first place.

Jack 2.0 is sure she can get back to that point again.

Jack 2.0 says three years of dicking around with this bullshit is enough and remembers to take all her nasty medicines four times, every day, every day, every day, every day.

Jack 2.0 ain't bitter.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Get Thee Out Now

To a farmers' market, I mean. Ours open today. Happy eating season, everyone.
Unwittingly, as we went about breeding more palatable fruits and vegetables [from wild plants over the past four hundred generations of humanity], we were stripping away some of the very nutrients we now know to be essential for optimum health. ... Remarkably, some varieties of produce in our supermarkets are so relatively low in phytonutrients and high in sugar that they can aggravate our health problems, not alleviate them. (p. 4, 6) 
Many foods do not lend themselves to centralized production and long-distance shipping... When we stopped eating locally grown produce and abandoned our home gardens, we lost at least half the protective properties of our fruits and vegetables as well as much of their flavor. (p 16) 
- Eating on the Wild Side: The Missing Link to Optimum Health, Jo Robinson

Monday, May 11, 2015

Chickens, Again

So yet another promising piece of land fell out from under us, and I distract myself with chickens. Look, chickens!

Happy chickens. 

Apple takes a "Please just let me love you" approach to poultry.

We got another pair of laying hens, 6 months old. I missed several turns getting there and had to sit around feeling weird for almost a half hour because I wasn't supposed to get out of my car but they forgot I was coming and weren't answering their phooooone... But hey, chickens!

Meet Loop and Ply.

We weren't going to replace the two we lost, since in theory we're moving. But I have a sad sneaky feeling that we're gonna be "moving" for a long long time.

We also had the fun times yesterday of giving Comet a bath. Ever give a chicken a bath? Her fluffy butt was all caked up with poo. Delightful. She hasn't been laying much this spring, but did so within a few hours of her bath. Maybe we're on to something. One of the newbies laid an egg too. Instant eggs!

Introducing new chickens into a flock is kind of unpleasant to watch. We've kept the new ones in the coop and exiled the old hens to the yard. There was plenty of squawking last night after they mingled in the coop for bedtime, until it was too dark to see that the chicken next to you was a stranger who needed to learn her place. Luckily there's a nest box in the "portable" chicken wagon, for Comet and Beefy to use for now. Unfortunately it wasn't real well-equipped with straw yesterday and Beefy's egg broke. When you have only two hens and they're three years old, well, those organic pastured eggs are pretty dear. Losing one is a bummer. But, instant-eggs! chickens should help with that. And with the feeling of sitting around accomplishing nothing. I hope.