Monday, September 29, 2014

Patience, Jack

We spent another weekend exploring Connecticut in the search of an acceptable piece of land on which to establish ourselves. It was beautiful weather, just a capstone on a glorious summer of lovely days (if you're not a farmer relying on the rains that just didn't come). Late September is my favorite time of year.

Making the most of a drive, we managed to finally successfully visit the giant farmers' market a few towns over. "Successfully?" you ask. Well the first time I went, it was Apple and me and we sat in traffic for over a half hour just to pull into the place because people love to drink beer. (Yes, really.) The second time was weekend before last when I forgot that the market is on Sundays not Saturdays, and while we were very pleased with the zero amount of traffic, we were displeased with the zero amount of vendors present.

So on this, our third attempt to visit the market with ease, we arrived a half hour early and found the measure unnecessary. So it goes. I got to sit in the roots of a fantastic old maple tree and watch people go by, including, because this is Connecticut, folks in Revolutionary War era dress.

We treated ourselves to a homemade sourdough pretzel and a hummus-pickled-beets-swiss-chard wrap. We were excited to find a mushroom grower then seriously discouraged after the purchase to find they grow the mushrooms indoors on compressed logs of sawdust and oats. I was excited to buy a shirt I really liked, only to notice the shirts were poly-cotton. Oh well, we're overbudget for the month anyway. I also coveted some alpaca rugs. Some gorgeous soft expensive alpaca rugs.

We also managed to miss our turn after scoping out the first lot and find ourselves on the "is this even a road?" end of Where are we?? (Frankly I find that kind of fun. My beloved husband, however, is of a different opinion.) Note to self: If you are surprised to cross the river because you didn't think you were supposed to cross the river, then you are probably not where you think you are.

We drove by two lots and were disappointed by one lot and moderately interested in the other. Now if this real estate agent hasn't dropped off the face of the planet like the one from last weekend...

We'll see.

Patience, Jack.

I almost wrote instead about the 45 minutes  my son spent upon waking up today, crying and yelling and pushing me away and taking his clothes off then putting them back on and generally being a puddle of misery-inducing unreasonableness. That essay would've been whiny, less interesting, and ended the same way:

Patience, Jack.


Lovely maple.

Enjoying the lovely maple and a half hour of doing nothing.

Someone in period dress pushing a cart.

This is just the theme portion of the market. This week was arts and crafts.

The entrance to the main market. It wasn't even open for business yet in this photo.
I took no photos while in the market proper. Too busy and, frankly, on sensory overload.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Autumn Indeed, and Long-Awaited!

What actually literally made me gasp then sprint up to the house, hand on hat, to fetch my dear husband?

These precious babies.

Tiny shiitake mushrooms, growing at last on our humble oak log.

If you're a long-time reader (hi, mom) (yes hi to you too, sisters) you may recall the household spent last winter solstice performing brute magic on some dead limbs stolen, at risk of serious bodily injury (think standing on a ladder in a truck bed parked on uneven ground holding a chainsaw over your head sorts of bodily injury), from an old oak tree way out back. 

After that flurry of activity, we did exactly nothing to the logs except eyeball them on our way past the henhouse. Recently we vaguely sensed that we should've watered them during the long dry summer, or perhaps moved them somewhere shadier. But what we actually did was nothing, and we just hoped we hadn't botched it.

Well, apparently we didn't! At least to some degree! 

Homegrown mushrooms! ROCK. ON. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Luxury Flashback

Sunday I got to read an entire book.

Something besides, I mean, "Little Blue Truck" and "Animal Life Stories: The Otter" and "My Pony."

Something for myself! Cover to cover, in one day. I was laid up a lot the past few days with a wicked headache that I could medicate into submission if I didn't move too much. Apple spent part of Sunday in town with his Papa, and I got to hang out and read "Year of No Sugar: A Memoir" and nibble on sugary snacks.

Hell I even started a second book, at bedtime.

A brief glimpse of my glory days, a little bit. Enough so to bother you with it.

Oh and I finished that embroidery project.

Happy autumn. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Fall Cleaning

I have a lot of blog posts that are much like this embroidery project:


They start with an idea, sparked by whatever, then I get about half a stitch in and have to go bathe the child or clean up pee or something equally detrimental to my finishing that stitch. The project languishes where I dropped it among cracker crumbs and stray papers until it is eventually shoved into a dark corner to be forgotten.

It's time for some fall cleaning.

I'm discarding the false-starts, both digital and material.

It's quite refreshing.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scenes from CT

But Thursday brings the return of misery child.

Doctor, my heart.