Friday, September 19, 2014

Fall Cleaning

I have a lot of blog posts that are much like this embroidery project:


They start with an idea, sparked by whatever, then I get about half a stitch in and have to go bathe the child or clean up pee or something equally detrimental to my finishing that stitch. The project languishes where I dropped it among cracker crumbs and stray papers until it is eventually shoved into a dark corner to be forgotten.

It's time for some fall cleaning.

I'm discarding the false-starts, both digital and material.

It's quite refreshing.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scenes from CT

But Thursday brings the return of misery child.

Doctor, my heart. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Scenes from CT

The next morning he asks for cuddles, eats his cereal contentedly, pauses in his breakfast to spontaneously fetch a diaper to cushion his mother's bottom from the "brrr chair", puts his own cereal bowl on the counter when he's done, washes his hands without complaint, and has little in common with the shrieking misery child from the morning before.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Scenes from CT

6:30- Jack rises for the day and hopes for an hour to herself to wash up, eat, dress, and read.

7:00- Apple wakes up, finds Jack on the sofa, and nurses for ten minutes. All is warmth, tenderness, and cuddles under the blanket.

7:10- They take off Apple's dry nighttime diaper. Jack directs Apple to go use the toilet while she pours his cereal.

7:11- Jack is pouring cereal. Apple refuses to use the toilet and starts screaming "No cereal! No cereal!"

7:12- Apple is dumping his cereal out on the counter. Jack calmly puts the bowl in a cupboard and returns to the sofa.

7:13- Apple is screaming "Yes cereal! Yes cereal!"

7:14:00- Apple looses his stinky, voluminous night's worth of pee all over his tower and the kitchen floor.

7:14:30- Jack shouts a bit more than she's proud of, removes the child to the bathroom by force, and cleans up the kitchen.

7:16- Apple finally pees where he's supposed to. Jack and Apple lie on the sofa together, in agreement that the day is off to a crappy start.

7:18- Jack thinks at least the morning's turned around and they can try again.

7:19- Apple starts shouting "No blanket! No blanket! Blanket off!" They take off the blanket.

7:20- "Yes blanket! Blanket on!"

7:21- Jack dies a little more inside.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Container Gardening Verdict

I stink at container gardening.

It was great at first. Everything was so easy to plant! There was no weeding! I could plant stuff early, then cart it inside at night! The tomato plants took off at an unbelievable rate!

But then I wasn't sure if I was overwatering or underwatering, and I may have guessed in the wrong direction, or just overcompensated, and whatever it was that happened, things went south fast.

And then the containers got scattered during house painting, and they were quickly neglected.

And then it was pretty much just an array of death. A matrix of sadness. A rather expensive "oops."

I've dumped out most of the pots. A couple are still inching along in life despite near total neglect. In the future, I can see doing a couple small tomato plants and maybe a pepper plant, to get them going early when I can bring them in at night in the spring. And when they die off later in the season, it won't matter because by then the main garden will have taken off.