Friday, October 31, 2014


Please feel free to speculate at what exact point I realized I can buy Legoes.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lego Lego Underfoot

And not a cuss I make.

Okay, I will cuss fluently and creatively when they turn up underfoot. It's just that, by some miracle, that has not yet really happened.

Anyways, I'd opened this can of worms some weeks ago for house planning purposes.

Go 'head, creep on our awesome kitchen. 

And of course instantly this was happening.


And it's been happening ever since. 


There is a Lego!Mama and a Lego!Papa and a Lego!Apple. Lego!Mama sports overalls and an awesome wispy 'do; I designed her myself. The other two were rather picked at random from the non-pirates/knights/butlers. Though Joe did pick out the chef's hat. We were designing a kitchen, remember.


There is also a Lego!LittleBlueTruck I drummed up because since Apple got a copy of Little Blue Truck as a birthday present, Lil Blue is part of his pantheon.


Good thing I resisted the urge to order him a set of baby Legos; we'd found a handful at the thrift store that tided him over until Mama sensibly broke out the serious bricks.


No goin back now.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bedding the Garden Down for Winter

Over the course of the second week of October, Apple, Joe, and I prepared the garden for winter. Out went the dead plants, out went the poles and supports, out went the weeds we'd been pretending not to notice for a month or two. Up came the irrigation hoses and the hundreds of rusty pokey garden stakes that Apple of course was drawn to like a young child to anything that screams "emergency tetanus shot." Up came a zillion cherry tomatoes; we had been caught unaware by the first frost, so there were many cherry tomatoes still on the vines. The startled plants dropped them all. What a mess. We made many trips to the chicken coop with a pan full of cherry tomatoes and weeds. The black fabric "mulch" we'd used this year all needed to go. Vexing landfill-bound stuff. We cleared out debris, hacked down huge flower stalks and thick tomato vine stubs, and smoothed the beds out. We didn't do this work last fall, and we had disease and pest problems this season. Oops. So, bedding down work done, as best we can.

Stuff gleaned after the unexpected frost. 
Obligatory chicken shot for Mom, justified cuz they ate a zillion waste cherry tomatoes.
Chicken tunnel full of leaves I threw in there to give the poor bored creatures something to do.

Almost done gathering unwanted perspective volunteer tomatoes.

No more maters! Almost.
That took forever.

Last of the hoses up.
These plants were completely lost under the tomatoes.
Interplanting stuff always sounds great in theory...

Gathered up all the weights and things, organized them along the east fence, then needed the all again in a couple days to hold down frost covers over the chard.

Our current method of mulching and irrigating means dealing with a gajillion of these suckers. 

That damn fabric mulch. Yuck. It's garbage now.

We covered the chard and lettuce for a hard freeze a week or so ago.

The strawberries down for winter under their straw blanket.

There's still hardy greens growing, and a few stray carrots and scallions, that will help us streeeetch fresh food season for another month or so. The cherry tomato plant cuddled up against the concrete south wall of the house is actually still hanging in there enough not to have dropped its maters(we covered it through the freeze, though rather inadequately). So I have some fresh cherry tomatoes. We're still eating tomatoes that were picked green but ripened on the shelf. They're starting to get kind of funky now though. It's been the better part of a month! We've been so grateful for every one of them. We had fresh sweet peppers in the fridge until this weekend, and we still have chilies. And the kale now is truly delicious, having been frosted. Mmmmm sweet.

Normally we'd spent the first stretch of winter drooling over seed catalogs and the second part of winter planning. But with us moving in the spring... well, it's just not going to happen. We have enough seed left to do a "sell this house!" garden, with a couple stray packets from the co-op. Garden 2015 will be kind of sad. If things go well, we won't harvest much of anything at all from it. But there will be such big exciting things happening next year, it'll help counteract that bummer feeling.

But, garden 2014 is mostly put to bed for winter. Ta da. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Wealth in Our Fridge and Freezer

Whole tomatoes, roasted tomatoes, sliced sweet peppers, whole chili peppers.

Hot sauce, roasted tomato sauce, sweet pickles, pesto. 

Blackberries, blueberries, pesto.

Dill pickles.

Dried cherry tomatoes in oil.

Dried tomatoes.

Hot sauce? I think. No, tomato sauce.
Uh oh. It ain't dried kale for sure.
Maybe Joe knows.

Friday, October 24, 2014